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The Prior Transformation

Welcome to The Prior Transformation, where I ramble for a few minutes about technology or business. Sometimes I also interview smart people.

May 4, 2018

Founder Friday with Marching Penguin founder Jordi Matsumoto!

Jordi has spent a decade working with Fortune 500 companies from HP to Burger King to Ford. His work has predominantly been with marketers and has increasingly centered around digital content production and distribution.

He's deeply passionate about the digital space and believes that the right mix of technology and process can yield outstanding work for marketers. His current favorite tool for making work easy is, a production management tool. You can sign up for a free account at

On a more cinematic front, his favorite camera to shoot on is the Red. His favorite film is "Lost in Translation". 

In his spare time, Jordi plays Tennis and practices Yoga. Yes, the latter makes him "so LA", but he's OK with that. When in Rome...