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The Prior Transformation

Welcome to The Prior Transformation, where I ramble for a few minutes about technology or business. Sometimes I also interview smart people.

Oct 24, 2018

Taylor is the founder & CEO of MyCrypto, one of the leading blockchain interfaces. Previously, she founded MyEtherWallet. She loves the fast-moving, iterative adventure that encompasses the blockchain space & looks forward to ushering in the decentralized future with easy-to-use products. Since starting as a simple paper-wallet generator, Taylor has expanded the reach and feature-set of MyCrypto, built a team of talented & empathetic people, and welcomes new challenges each day.

During this conversation we talk a bit about the past/present/future of crypto as well as decision making under uncertainty and what its like to run a company on the front lines of a tech revolution.

Follow Taylor on Twitter: @tayvano_

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